BTS Boys Band Sweatshirt

BTS Boys Band Sweatshirt

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Model BTS Boys Band Printed Sweatshirt
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Winter is here so it's time to insulate your body to make sure you always have the right temperature. These sweatshirts can be worn separately as a second layer or directly too. In harsh weather preferably worn together with a protective shell. Suitable on its own for everyday wear or as a cozy top around the home. Mega Sections provides you a sweatshirt with its signature identity, with the slim silhouette promising a modern character. Pair it with black chinos which gives you an outstanding look.

Round neck sweatshirt with a classic fit Season: Winter, Autumn 1 x BTS Boys Band Sweatshirt
Synthetic space-knit fabric with. Material: Cotton Blend
cotton touch Style: Casual, Funky
Space knit fabric has extra good insulation properties. Sleeve length: Long Sleeve
Works as power bank also Shipping Weight (kg):0.5

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