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Dawlance DW 9100C - Washing Machine - Semi Automatic – White

Rs.13,500 Rs.14,900

Dawlance DW 9100C - Washing Machine - Semi Automatic WhiteLARGE WASH TUB,Washes blankets, curtains and duvets etc due to high powered motor and large capacity. WIDE IMPELLER,Enhanced wash ability of clothes due to the unique and high ribbed design.WATERFALL WASH,Better detergent dissolution Better penetration of detergent  Bett..


DW-260 ES - Fully Automatic Washing Machine - 8 kg - Black & White

Rs.34,498 Rs.40,500

Dawlance ES series is an intelligent choice for better washing with some generous energy saving. It cuts down on the running costs by 38% and washes your clothes in the best way possible.Energy SaverSpecial program, saves up to 38% energy. Suitable for medium soiled daily laundryPro Fabric DrumGives soft rubbing for stains. Makes clothes last ..


DW-5100 - Single Tub Washing Machine - White


Does your washing machine cater to your daily laundry needs? Pakistan’s most reliable washing machine home appliance not only fulfills your laundry needs but takes better care of your fabrics, keeping them protected from insects as well. Its powerful pulsator removes tough stains gently, giving your clothes a better wash while the faster spin s..


DW-5100 HZP - Washing Machine 6.5 KG Single Tub - White

Rs.10,700 Rs.11,000

Buy Dawlance Washing Machine 6.5 KG Single Tub in Pakistan on Naqad.pk at best prices. Wash your clothes with ease with this powerful washing machine. Strong motor promises ensure high durability and efficiency to take heavy load. Just put your clothes into the machine and let it do its magic. Low noise technology makes this machine even more ..


Dw-5200 - Washing Machine - 5 Kg - White


Dawlance Washing Machine is ideal for multi wash settings and regular cleaning cycles with twin tub and double water supply selector. It has interesting cleaning and vitality sparing elements which evacuates dirt and tenacious stains effectively and rapidly. The progressive spell-bounding wash innovation gives you clean garments after the firs..


DWT-235A ES- Fully Automatic Washing Machine - White


Sit back and relax while your machine takes care of all the work! This machine evaluates which wash cycle, quantity of water and detergent is required for your wash load. Our i-novate advanced technology, one-touch operation and super-sleek aesthetics make it a must-have accessory for the discerning household. KEY FEATURESEnergy SaverI-nov..


DWT-235TB W - Fully Automatic Washing Machine - White


Buy Fully Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan on Naqad.pk at best prices. Buy Washing machine in Pakistan at best prices. Naqad.pk offers fully automatic washing machine at best prices anywhere in Pakistan. Haier, Panasonic, Super Asia all brands available KEY FEATURESBrand WarrantyEnergy SaverI-novate one-touch operationMachine selects ..


DWT-275TB - Fully Automatic Washing Machine - Black & White

Rs.46,999 Rs.60,000

Buy Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine - Black & White in Pakistan on Naqad.pk at best prices. Buy Washing machine in Pakistan at best prices. Naqad.pk offers fully automatic washing machine at best prices anywhere in Pakistan. Haier, Panasonic, Super Asia all brands available KEY FEATURESBrand WarrantyPro Fabric Drum DesignDual..


Washing Machine 140 C2 Twin


Space saving compact design Low noise Vibration free operation Powerful pulsator- for a better wash Imported Motor Weight: 5 Kg Bigger dryer with air dry technology Separate water inlets for wash and spin tub which allows you to run both washer and dryer the same time Blue transparent lid allows you to see washing Process KEY FEATURESBrand..


WM-5100 - Washing Machine - 5 Kg - White

Rs.9,799 Rs.11,560

Washing MachineWash your clothes with ease and convenience! Buy this Washing Machine by Dawlance which is durable, easy to use and perfect for all households. Its 1000 RPM speed ensures you don’t have to wait too long while you remove dirt and stubborn stains easily from your clothes without spoiling its material or the color. So buy this incre..

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Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan?

Are you wondered about the fully automatic washing machine price in Pakistan? Get it in an effective cost through our amazing online store, Naqad.pk! Buy quality stuff with your valuable money. Making an affordable purchase for the important stuff is possible now. Save your money, buy washing machine in Pakistan with warranty, and pay at the comfort of cash on delivery.

Buy automatic washing machine in Pakistan:

Looking for an automatic washer to wash your clothes? Welcome to our Naqad.pk.  You get an efficient and effective range of washing machines @ quite affordable price. Fully automatic washing machine price in Pakistan is reasonable @ Naqad.pk. You won’t have to think too much before you make a plan on buying. You can also browse other large appliance like refrigerator, water dispenser for online shopping in Pakistan.

Super fast:
Wash clothes quite fast. Experience yourself how it is like to wash everything fast. Just add water and your detergents. The spin cycle also mixes up well.
No Mess: Fed up with the slow-moving spins? Replace it with a new one by buying a new washing machine in Pakistan online. Save yourself from the hassle. Each wash cycle will save you from creating any chaos or agitation.

Time-saving:  All marks and spots are removed efficiently when motor drives fast, saving your time.  The plastic agitator circulates swiftly moving your clothes through the detergents and water when powered by electricity.

Fun: Want to make laundry a fun? If you use fully functioning appliance, work becomes easy! Its no longer a work for you!  Choose from the great variety of large and small home appliances @ Naqad.pk. We bet that you won’t get tired by it. What’s keeping you on hold? Buy washing machine in Pakistan, NOW!

Super-Clean: All clothes are cleaned thoroughly. No possibility of any mark to be left on the shirts, pants, socks or any other clothes. Get bright and shiny clothes. The wash cycle and spins work effectively in removing all the dirt.

Brands: The massive collection of home appliance in Pakistan online @ Naqad.pk gives you a full choice in choosing your favorite brand. Washing machines of different brands are available in different sizes according to your needs. You may choose the one depending on the number of family members and your individual needs. Get yourself fully automatic washing machine @ best price or washing machine with dryer in very reasonable price indeed.


 We offer top brands of Pakistan such as Haier, Panasonic, Dawlance, Super Asia and all other brands.

Types:  There are various types, some of them are listed below:
1. Dawlance DW 9100C  - Semi-Automatic – White
2. DW-260 ES - Fully Automatic - 8 kg - Black & White
3. DW-5100 - Single Tub - White
4. DW-5100 HZP - 6.5 KG Single Tub - White
5. Dw-5200 - 5 Kg - White
6. DWT-235A ES - White
7. DWT-235TB W - White
8. DWT-275TB - Fully Automatic - Black & White
9. 140 C2 Twin
10. WM-5100  - 5 Kg - White

The Dryer: The washing machine with dryer price in Pakistan is cost-effective as well. The spins cycle during the damp dry moves faster. The timer lets you know when it’s finished.

Advantages While Buying With Us:

Affordable: No need to spend much
Quality: We offer 100% real product
Top-Ranked: Highly ranked online store
Customer Service: Fast! Accessible!
Fast shipping: No delays. No need to wait for days and days
Accessible: our delivery service is available all across Pakistan.
Payment: Cash on delivery
Email Address: Marketing@Naqad.Pk
Phone Number: Call us now at 0321-18-18-381

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