Refrigerator & Fridge prices in Pakistan 2019

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Refrigerator - 9188Wb Gd Inverter - 14 Cu Ft - Brown


Buy Refrigerator - 9188Wb Gd Inverter - 14 Cu Ft - Brown in Pakistan on at best prices. provides best way for online refrigerator shopping in Pakistan. Buy refrigerator at best price in Pakistan. Delivery anywhere in Pakistan. Order now, Haier, dawlance, all brands availableKEY FEATURESBrand WarrantyInverter TechnologySave 4..

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Latest fridge prices in Pakistan:

Are you looking to upgrade your fridge with the latest model? Want to check out fridge prices in Pakistan online? not only lets you explore the latest model, prices but also offers an exquisite shopping experience that you can never have while shopping in the market.

Experience an Affordable Online Refrigerator Shopping in Pakistan

Online refrigerator shopping in Pakistan has never been that easy before We offer top brands like Haier, Dawlance, PEL, Samsung, LG & Panasonic. All brands are original and offered with a warranty. Shop online with ease and comfort, don’t worry about delivery, just make an order and the rest is our job. Refrigerators @ are original and are offered by the sole manufacturers of these brands.

Best refrigerator prices in Pakistan @

Having an old compressor of the appliance? The refrigerator is not functioning well? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of large appliances in Pakistan available in all sizes making it easier for you to opt for the best. Well built inner parts like the racks, drawers and other removal parts. Top quality & original products from top appliances manufacturers @ The main parts are shielded with the protective cover to avoid any damages. No fear of any rifts or holes! No leakages! Best of all, we offer highly affordable and competitive refrigerator prices in Pakistan. 

Brands we offer:

Haier refrigerator price in Pakistan:

Haier is one of the Pakistani brands & manufacturer of appliances in Pakistan. offer latest models & variants of haier refrigerators @ best prices in Pakistan. That too with cash on delivery to make your shopping experience even better. 

PEL refrigerators & fridges:

PEL is another fridge brand in Pakistan which offers top quality home appliances. Check out full range of PEL fridges with best prices here. 

Samsung fridge price in Pakistan: 

Check out Samsung fridge price in Pakistan and order with the comfort of cash on delivery in your home. 

Other brands:

Our assortment features a number of top and local brands of home appliances manufacturers. 

No Mess: Got a headache due to the loud noise of your old appliance? Make your life easier by making a purchase for the new one. When it runs, it won’t create louder noise. You won’t have to face a cooling failure. There will be no water leaking onto the floor and creating any mess. Purchase right now and save yourself from the hassle! Experience the best online refrigerator shopping in Pakistan with us.


Super Fast: Super fast electronic appliances that can preserve your food for a longer time spans.


Lower Your Bills: Turing the hot air into cool water vapors happens so fast without consuming much electric power. Thus you’re able to save on your monthly bills. Keep it running during the hot season, without rising the bills.


Efficient: The refrigerant works efficiently to absorb the heat and evaporates it to gas. Zero chances of gathering rusts inside or outside of the appliance. No holes, no hollow marks! Buy refrigerator online in Pakistan with full comfort, ease and value for money.


Durable: You get a long lasting appliance. The coolant won’t leak out easily. It’ll be easy for you to clean it without going through any mess – world’s best refrigerators are available to you on


Guaranteed: Buy refrigerator online in Pakistan through Our full range of refrigerators comes with a warranty, so you can feel at ease while ordering from us. Also, explore our full range of large and small home appliances in Pakistan.

Why Do You Need to Choose

Trusted: We’re a trusted place for home appliances online shopping in Pakistan.

Convenient Service: We make shopping fun for you

Customer Service: Best and accessible

Now Pay: Cash on delivery

On-time: No delay

Delivery: Get the goods you select from our website at your doorstep.

Shipping range: The shipping service is accessible almost everywhere in the country. Refrigerator online shopping in Pakistan is easier nowadays, you can place your order from anywhere and we’ll deliver them right at your doorstep.

Fast: rapid shipping services! Rarely the chances of any delay

Affordable:  The refrigerator price in Pakistan is really reasonable with our store on the web. You easily get the whole new range of large electronic appliances without compromising on your budget. Get best, well made, well-functioning appliance in a pocket-friendly price.


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