Shinon Professional Hair Dryer (SH-8103)

Shinon Professional Hair Dryer (SH-8103)

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Model OP-PL-006
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Product Description

A hair dryer is a girls’s best friend. No one else can understand your hair the way a hair dryer does. But finding a perfect hair dryer with complete features can be really difficult. This is where takes away the burden of your worries and comes up with the best solution for you. Do you want silky and smooth hair throughout the day and after? If yes then Shinon Professional Hair Dryer is the impeccable solution. You can experiment with new hairstyles day after day without the worry of getting your hair messed. offers this product at a wonderful price of Rs 1800. The dryer is also features great speed which can be for precision styling of thick locks as well. For best styling results, use a hair brush with the concentration. The speeds are variable. Use high speeds for quicker drying. Use as per the requirement. Not just this, the Hair Dryer is neatly designed for greater portability. In spite of the little big size, it can be put in the hanging purse easily and carried anywhere. So look lovely and beautiful with the all new Shinon Hair Dryer available at!

Key Features:

1 Shinon Hair Dryer
High Quality Product
Instantly dries hair
1500 watts
Includes high power motor
Average heating blowout
Causes no damage to hair
Anti-overheat protection


1 x Shinon Professional Hair Dryer (SH-8103)




Color White and Green

Main Material Plastic

Shipping weight(kg) 1

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