The ever changing world of technology entices everybody. What’s in it today could be taken over by some other gadget the next day. Updates hit the technology interface like a storm. That’s why we are here to share all stories with the Pakistani audience.

Best smartphone accessories to buy online in Pakistan

Best smartphone accessories to buy online in pakistan

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According to studies, Pakistan is the 5th largest consumer of the internet and mobile devices. The studies also reflect the increasing number of cell-phone population in the country. With such an influx of smartphones, mobile accessories have also become a great business for local manufacturers. How...

5 best wireless-wired headphones Pakistani music lovers must have

5 best wireless-wired headphones pakistani music lovers must have

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Pakistani diverse culture has almost everything under the sun one can imagine. Food, traveling, sports, & one notable is music. Pakistani music is popular around the globe with some legendary names such as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Noor Jahan, Strings band, Junaid Jamshed, Ali Azmat and t...