Water dispenser prices in Pakistan

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Water Dispenser 115-Smart- Black and White


Latest 2018 Tech (Rapid Fast JET Cool) LVS (Low Voltage 187 V Only) Cool 24 Glass water at once Double Condenser Fridge Compartment Two Taps Seamless hot & cold tank Cooling system for water first Hygienic 304 SS Stainless Steel KEY FEATURESLatest 2018 Tech (Rapid Fast JET Cool)LVS (Low Voltage 187 V Only)Cool 24 Glass ..

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Water dispenser prices in Pakistan:

Are you looking to upgrade your water dispenser, naqad.pk best water dispenser prices in Pakistan with cash on delivery facility. All you need to do is visit our store and look for best quality of your choice and place an order. The rest is our job to do. We feature all top brands including Orient, Canon and Haier. 

Water Dispenser Online Shopping Made Easy with Naqad.pk

 Want fresh cool water? The water dispenser online shopping is easy now with Naqad.pk. Now drink quality water. Get it cool just by the click of a button. No need to take it from the tap. Buy up a brand new dispenser take a gallon, and put it upside down over it. Turn the knob and allow it in the funnel and use it. It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to use. It really makes your life easier.

Buy Water dispenser online in Pakistan:

Get a smart dispenser now! It comes with decently designed black and white colors. It works perfectly without showing any slow down while changing the temperature. NOW, buy efficient water dispenser online from Naqad.pk.

Advantages You Get!

Cooling Effect:  Drink cool in a hot season.

Heating Effect: In winter you have got the option to get warm and hot water.

Time-saving: No need getting out and wandering here & there in search of genuine water dispensers. At Naqad.pk you can browse online & save your time with water dispenser online shopping.

Discount: We can offer you discounts

Trusted: Original products from trusted online vendors.

Free to Choose: No force.   

Durable: Buy it once, and it’ll work for years and years.

Affordability: No need to spend much. You need to spend only fifteen thousand to nineteen thousand and get a smart appliance for your home or office. Water dispenser prices in Pakistan varies according to size while buying with us.


Electronic & Home Appliances:

Naqad.pk offers a great range of home appliances online in Pakistan. Browse our site and find best refrigerators online in Pakistan @ best prices. Our electronic products range also offers durable washing machines in Pakistan from top brands like Super Asia, PEL, Dawlance, LG and Samsung. Also, buy water dispensers online in Pakistan and pay at the ease of cash on delivery. We ship anywhere including top cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar. Order now and enjoy best online shopping experience in Pakistan.

The Massive Variety:

We offer water dispensers in different varieties. All top brands of Pakistan including PEL, LG, Samsung, and Dawlance. Smart water dispenser options on Naqad.pk allow you in getting cooling or heating effect according to your needs. Water dispenser online shopping in Pakistan is no longer hard for you with Naqad.pk. You may get it in different forms, such as the table top one, the one with multiple tabs, or a glass door. Order now and enjoy home delivery all over in Pakistan.


     115-Smart - - White

     2 Taps Glass Door PWDGD-115

     Glass Door PWDGD 115 Black

     115 - Table Top - Hot & Cool - Compact - Reflecting Black - with a Glass Door


     115-Smart- Black and White SMARTER

Why Naqad.pk?

Guaranteed: Trusted

Customer service: You are our top priority.

Fast: The delivery doesn’t take long

Shipping Service: Accessible in various parts of Pakistan

Top-ranked: Well known

Money back: if you don’t like the product, return it, don’t pay

Convenient Service: Right according to the needs of our buyers

Long lasting: All of our products are long lasting, Water dispenser online shopping is now easy and comfortable.

Quality: You get 100% original products. You can test out yourself!

Phone Call: Use the number 0321-18-18-381

Email Address: Marketing@Naqad.Pk

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